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As we progress into the 21st century, communications are becoming faster and faster and faster. Think of the millions of different media images you are bombarded with every day. It is as important now to be able to read and make sense of those images, as it has been to be able to read ordinary text. You can go to YouTube, Vimeo, Google or any other Media Portal and search for "Arosa". You will find many hundred of media items such as movies, slide shows and animations. What we did here, we put together a decent collection of media items from various Internet sources from those we do not think they are junk. All reference to our gorgeous mountain village of Arosa/Switzerland. Even by searching thoroughly through various resources we might have missed one or the other item amongst the large piling up of media offers. If so, let us know and send us the appropriate link.

Featuring Diane Bish, Organist; Rusty Nugget Band; Swiss Military Brass Band; Ensemble Vicolo-Dolce; Linda Fäh 2011 Miss Switzerland; Romanian Ensemble (Marius Preda, Julian Jantea, Jon Micu, Zoli Kekenj) and Gheorghe Zamfir, DAJOERI Panflute Choir and more. Moreover, our 'sport' and 'various' section show episodes of snowboarding, skiing, paragliding from the Weisshorn, traveling in the Arosa train and more.


Swiss Music Scene

Once again, the very best artists that the Swiss music scene has to offer and many international stars come often to mountain resorts such as Arosa or St. Moritz and will put on a fantastic show. Here some top players of the Swiss Music Scene offering suave enjoyment:

Melanie Oesch

Twenty-year-old Melanie Oesch grew up in a yodelling family, and she has become the charming and beloved star of the Swiss Yodel Scene. Find out more...

Silvan Zingg

Silvan Zingg is rated as one of today"s finest boogie woogie and blues piano players. He has concerted in more than 30 countries. Find out more...

Anna Rossinelli

Anna Rossinelli sings "In Love for a While" as the #1 selected Swiss artist  in the first semi-final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. Find out more...