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24 Years DAJEORI Panflute Festivals

In 1992 Joeri Murk had the brilliant idea to join the Arosa Music weeks that were 5 years old at that time, to create his own Summer Festivals with Swiss Panflute Players. The event recurred every year and soon got some international touch comprising participants from the USA, Finland, Germany, Peru, Canada, Japan, North Korea to name a few. Over the years some renowned artists of world class format joined the Festival and volunteered their performances in various formations. This includes Nicolae Pirvu, Peder Rizzi, Noortje van Middelkoop, Liselotte Rokyta, Walti Bucheli, Octavio R. Raminez, Kevin Budd, Petruta Kuepper, Jacob Schenk, Roar Engelberg, Radu Nechifor and for the 20th anniversary the Grand Maestro Gheorghe Zamfir. Not forget to mention the outstanding performances of the Romanian Ensemble (Marius Preda, Cymalom; Julian Jantea, Accordion; Joan Micu, Taragot and Vocal; Zoli Kekenj, Bass).

The Panflute Festival offers unique Pan-Flute concerts but also is a week of intensive training in classes with notable instructors. It is an ideal summer activity that combines leisure in a healthy mountain climate, the joy of learning at ease as well as the indulgence of countless aesthetical moments. Concerts are given in local Churches of Arosa. Seminars, decent evening entertainment and accommodations take place in the luxe four star Waldhotel National Arosa. The picturesque and charming Waldhotel National is in the heart of Arosa. just a train ride away from all major Swiss cities and it sits nearby Zurich (2 hours away). It is an ideal location for the Festival and offers our participants an ideal site for their activities. Alltogether, it goes that far that people often talk about the "amazing Spirit of Arosa".


The Panflute Festival 2015 will last from 12th of July until Saturday 18th of July



Radu Nechifor

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Arosa Humor Festival 2009

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Im Zug nach Arosa


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