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Angela Buxhofer is the 'brain' of Arosa's musical scene. She leads the Cultural Circle of Arosa wit this years 25th anniversary. The Circle is an association comprising more than 600 members is active in various activities such as the Arosa Music Weeks, the Arosa Music Theater, the Arosa Music Festival, Children's Events and the furtherance of young soloists. The Cultural Circle works together closely with the Arosa Hotel industry in a mutual support to attract world class artists and keep Arosa's tourist occupation busy all year around.

This is what this mountain resort makes so special. Arosa has much to offer culturally. Take a walk through the village to admire its many modernist buildings, or attend concerts and other cultural events: Arosa has something for everyone, whatever their cultural interests. Arosa is particularly famous for its festivals. International artists from the worlds of comedy, classical music and opera ensure that standards are always of the very highest – in the truest sense of the word, as we are 1800 metres above sea level!

Arosa hosts numerous musical events during the summer, such as the AROSA MUSICAL THEATRE, in an idyllic open-air setting, featuring operas, operettas and musicals; the Arosa KIWANIS Jazz Festival; the Arosa Music Course Weeks, consisting of Instrumental courses, Chamber music weeks, Singing & Choir weeks, Folk music courses, Beginners’ courses, Various courses, Jazz & Improvisation, Didactic courses, Brass courses, Dance & Leisure time courses, Workshop for children & young people and Masterclasses. Moreover, there are also Drama courses; folk music events, the DAJOERI PAN-FLUTE FESTIVAL and many other interesting concerts.

In addition to the usual weekly concerts, the AROSA MUSIC FESTIVAL is held every winter, featuring around 20 concerts over the course of a week.

In summer, the Arosa Cultural Circle arranges free weekly performances for children. The Arosa Music Course Weeks also offer numerous workshops specially for children and teenagers. There is even a singalong course for toddlers and parents.

The Arosa Music Academy completes and extends the Arosa Music Course Weeks and is designed for especially talented young musicians from all over the world. Internationally renowned tutors and leading artists provide master classes where particular attention is given to technique and interpretation. Chamber music and in-house concerts further enhance the Arosa Music Academy. Grants (or partial grants) are available on request.

To summarize the facts in a nutshell, there is hardly any place on the world where so many cultural activities meet with such a charming landscape and peaceful environment as well as friendly people that are not shy to do the best for their visitors. Viva Arosa! More...



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Arosa Humor Festival 2009

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Im Zug nach Arosa


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