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Music for Arosa
Music for Arosa by Philip Sparke

8.3 MB 6:04 min
This work was commissioned in 1996 by the Arosa Cultural committee and first performed in Arosa in that year. You can order the score at Just Music.

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Peder Rizzi Panflöte, Risch Biert Klavier

1.8 MB 1:17 min
The CD Divertimento has been released in 2005 in Arosa. It contains neo-classical compositions by Peder Rizzi. You can order at the DAJOERI Publishing House.

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Arosa - Be my Sunshine

1.5 MB 1:05 min
"Arosa" is a commercial dance project produced by David Kieven and Tim Schumacher.  Dancecom Project.

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Allegro F-Major Haendel
Liselotte Rokyta

1.9 MB 1:25 min
Liselotte Rokyta (Panflute) and Andre Knevel (Organ) Panflute Melodies Volume 5 (Bach, Haendel, Arvinte and more) Find out more at the Rokyta Website.

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Pan des Deux

5.9 MB 4:17 min
Prelude from Debussy, played by Walti Bucheli and Yuki Soh. A Swiss Panflutist and his Japanese wife (piano) play often in Arosa. Follow their website.

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Archibald's Dance
Marius Preda

5.1 MB 3:43 min
Marius Preda comes to arosa evey year he also age Jazz performances at the Arosa Waldbühne (Forest Stage). Mission Cymbalom.

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Hora lautaresc
Julian Jantea

2.7 MB 1:59 min
Julian Jantea is a member of the Rumanian Ensemble that comes to Arosa every year for the Panflute Festival. Here more about him.

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New Spirit of Alphorn
Kurt Ott

1.6 MB 1:09 min
Kurt Ott is an Alphorn Entertainer and is part of the Arosa Alphorn Music Week with Robert Oesch. Follow him at Alphorn-Entertainer.


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Our mp3 files are either akin to Arosa by the title of the song or by the artitst that frequently visits our mountain village.

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If you attend any Arosa activity make an own recording and e-mail us the .mp3 or .wav file. We are glad to publish it on our page and link it to your own homepage.