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Arosa Music Links
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1   Link   Melanie Oesch
Charming and beloved star of the Swiss Yodel Scene.
2   Link   Sina
Successful Swiss dialect singer
3   Link   Folk Music in Switzerland
Yodeling, Laendler, Polka...

Arosa History

Arosa is first mentioned about 1330 as Araus. In 1383 it was mentioned as Orossen and in 1428 it was first mentioned as Arosa. The first known settlements are from the 13th century. After 1300 Arosa German-speaking Walser settlers came from Davos and replaced the Romansh-speaking original inhabitants. During the following centuries, the inhabitants subsisted on alpine pasture economy. Until the year 1851 it was politically a part of the Davos municipality. Arosa was discovered as a health resort by a German doctor in 1883, and the first sanatorium was opened in 1888. From 1900 on it became by and by also a winter resort. 1938 the first ski lifts were constructed, and 1956 the Weisshorn cable car was opened and further rope and chair lifts followed.

Many famous people got the hang of vacationing in the nice resort. Amongst them are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (author of Sherlock Holmes), Erwin Schroedinger and Thomas Mann. Arosa grow to a reamkable winter sport resort and in summer 1986 the famous music weeks were introduced, celebrating the 25th anniversary.