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Arosa Forest StageTop international musicians team up with excellent Grisons musicians in the winter for unforgettable music experiences in the areas of classical, jazz and folklore. In the summer, operas beneath a starry sky are on the program for the idyllic forest concert stage.

Arosa Music Festival, first held in March 2008, is the youngest member of the Grisons festival family. And it is the first festival with a focus on local people engaged in culture and arts. At the Arosa Music Festival, outstanding Grisons musicians are given the chance to make music alongside (inter-)nationally celebrated artistes. Unique venues lend the festival additional appeal, such as the famous Bergkirchli mountain chapel or the Arosa Kulm Hotel’s Panorama Room, so highly praised by architects.

The forest stage on which atmospheric aria and opera evenings have been put on every summer since 2002, was built 50 years ago. The festival concept incorporates aria evenings under the title “Opera sotto le stelle” as well as an opera production specially tailored to the forest stage. The highlights to date have been the four Mozart operas “The Impresario”, “The Pretend Gardener”, “Bastien & Bastienne” and “Zaide”, plus Haydn’s opera “La Cantarina”. The performers are musicians and singers from home and abroad.

Arosa Musik Theater and the Arosa Music Festival enjoy the support of some 20 hotels of all categories. Among the benefits for hotel guests are reduced-price admission tickets. Bookings and reservations for the Arosa Music Festival open from mid-December and for Arosa Musik Theater from mid-April.

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