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In America the panflute is almost unknown.

Brad White Pan FluteArtist

I have a huge goal - I hope to make the panflute, little by little, more available to Americans and especially children through education and with the Internet. For me, my new Homepage is a first small step.Already in its first month I am quickly approaching 2,000 visitors and several children have written to me about helping them to make their school project about the panflute. They will be the first children in their school to learn about the panflute. I think their classmates will be quite surprised by their reports... Little seeds are planted. I would like to thank Joeri Murk and my first panflute teacher, Costel Puscoiu, for their inspirational work in education and in making the panflute so accessible to others. In my opinion, this is noble work. My panflute albums of original music have become very successful and have been distributed all around the world. That has been a happy surprise. I hope to continue with this work as well."

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