Catalogs in book form

Our catalogs are built in book form (flipping Book). This component has various control features that is explained in more detail.


Here is how you turn a page. Place the cursor on the right page margin, click and hold the left mouse button while moving the mouse left or right.

You can also use the control strip, which is explained in more detail.

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The control strip is structured as follows:

Far left:
(2-3) Current (double) page in the book where you currently are. There you can also enter a number and press the Enter / Return key to advance to a specific page. 6 indicates how many pages the book has.

<< leads to the very beginning
< leads to the previous page
> leads to the next page
>> leads to the last page

Far right:
Printer icon to print the page(s). In an additional field, you can choose which page to be printed (left, right or both).
Speaker icon to turn on or off page click.

Double-click on the page:
Each page can also be double-clicked. Then an enlargement of the page is created by 400%. On the top right you will find also a printer icon from which the enlarged page can be printed. This is particularly useful for the single editions, if you want to test the musical scores for a keyboard.

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