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Constantin Arvinte
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He traveled all over Romania and collected folk music (Doinas, ballads, songs, melodies of Romanian folk plays but also musical treasures from Hungaria, Serbia and Bulgaria). He collected many of them, recorded, preselected and published them. His work has been performed in various concerts in Germany and abroad (France, Belgium, Holland, England, Germany, Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Russia and other European countries and in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Japan, Australia etc.):

- National Chamber Choir. "Madrigal", conducted by Maître Marin CONSTANTIN
- The children's choir of Radio Bucharest, conducted by Maître Eugenia Vacarescu 

- The ensemble "Rapsodia Romana", "Ciocarlia", "Doina al Armatei" and "Doina Bucurestiului"
- Orchestra conducted by Gheorghe Zamfir formations, Nivola Pirvu (NL), Benone 
- For the 'Swiss Appenzeller Sreichmusiken' "Sepp Horn" and "Alpenröösli"
- He was commissioned by Joeri Murk and arranged many melodies such as "Melodias Rumantschas as Tista Murk".
- He has written 6 arrangements of Romanian folklore for Simion Stanciu (Syrinx).
- And a transcription of the first Rhapsody in A Major by George Enescu for flute and chamber orchestra (1998).
- He published Romanian folk music from Moldavia, Maramures oas, Oltenia, Muntenia and Dobrogea
- He worked together with Gh-Judet POPESCU, Gheorghe Baciu, Maria Constantinescu, Isidor RIPA and Gh Gaman.

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