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Constantin Arvinte
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Radio-TV-recording records and cassettes: As a director of various orchestras and musical arranger of folklore titles, he made many recordings at the "Radio Diffusion Roumaina and Radio Novi Sad Yugoslavia". Records, cassettes and CD's with folk music, he realized with "Electro Record", "Eurostat," "Jolt KERESTELLY" and the instrumental band "Nicolae Pirvu" in Holland.

Current Activity:
He participates as a jury member at many festivals, on national and international artistic competitions.
Currently Constantin Arvinte is an active member of the "Commission de musique chorale de l' of Composers", he is a member of the "National Federation of the ensemble Folkloriques de Roumanie" (A, Nafr), is in charge as a national consultant and is the artistic director of the folklore  student ensemble "Doina" in Bucharest.

Since 1995 Joeri Murk invited Constantin Arvinte regularely invited to the "Panflute Festival Arosa", Switzerland. He supported Mr. Murk to enhance and perfect students of all age groups in panflute interpretation and expression. Moreover, his compositions, arrangements and transcriptions for various instruments (Organ, Piano and Orchestra) advance a huge panflute repertoire.

Constantin Arvinte
13. December 1998

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