Our educational program encompasses the following subjects:

Personal Education
-to familiarize self with own mental attitude
-to acquire efficient learning skills
-to acquire systematic work methods
-to learn to observe oneself

Music Theory
- Introduction in music notation, keys, measures, Major-Minor,
- Metric time-measures, rhythm, accentuation, melody formation,
- Music Theory, Chords, Harmonic Progression
- Different music styles (Easy Listening, Folklore, Classical)

Instrument instruction
- Instructions about panflutes
- Cleaning
- Tuning

Playing Technique
- Body posture-instrument position and bearing-breathing techniques, belly and chest breathing, supportive breathing
- Short breathing, Breathing in stages, pure diaphragm push, air pressure change
- Tongue articulation, Tongue stroke technique. Singular, double, triple, tied and slurred tongue stroke
- Combined tongue stroke with diaphragm push, staccato, crescendo
- Embouchure, lip position, chin position
- Vibrato in lower position and upper position
- Drawn tones, different techniques to vary the height of tones
- Motions of head and flute, different positions on the instrument

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