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Origin of the DAJOERI Panflute and School
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Wherever the two musicians played, they always played to packed churches and concert halls where they were always celebrated and acclaimed. Thus, the international firm Philips took notice of Zamfir. In 1974, Mr. Hazan, Philips's president at the time, paid Marcel Cellier a personal visit at his home. There he was introduced to Zamfir whom he signed up under contract. This historical meeting, intitiated by Marcel Cellier, marked the beginning of Zamfir's rapid rise to fame. Philips made Zamfir known worldwide by producing his records and organizing concerts and having him play with renowned artists like James Last.

Attracted by this success story, other Rumanian panflute-players likewise came to Marcel Cellier, requesting his support.

In the 70 ties the pan flute teacher Joeri Murk came to Marcel Cellier, who allowed him the contact with the record company 'Disques Office Fribourg'. The business manager took this under contract. From then on he lived in western Switzerland.

In between, Zamfir was heard again and again in the ensemble of the Rumanian group 'Benone Damian' as a panflutist at various concerts. When this occurred in panflute Adliswil, Joeri Murk met him and was informed by him in the pan flute playing.

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