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For using search terms we have two input boxes.


The first one (search) appears on the upper right corner of every page. We call this the general search box.

If you enter our SHOP you will find another search input box in the right column, called Product Search.

Both boxes have different functions and data content.

Depending on the case, use one or the other search box.

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Restricted Search

This method is only possible in the general search box. This is what you need to do: enter a search term or a space in the general search box -> Press the Enter/ Return key on your keyboard. A new web page will show up that offers some additional filtering. The first three options are applicable when one uses a serach string with more than one word. e.g. -> Fanica Luca

All words -> This corresponds to the logical operator "and", that means those objects that contain both terms simultaneously are affected.
Each word -> This corresponds to the logical operator "or", that means those items that contain either one or the other term are affected.
Exact phrase -> Your input is considered as one unit. Only when this occurs as such in the text, a search result is generated.

The remaining filter options are related to different components on our web site. If you wish, you can simultaneously check multiple components. In this case the the return will contain more items.

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