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For using search terms we have two input boxes.


The first one (search) appears on the upper right corner of every page. We call this the general search box.

If you enter our SHOP you will find another search input box in the right column, called Product Search.

Both boxes have different functions and data content.

Depending on the case, use one or the other search box.

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Title Search
If you are looking for a specific music track, it is usually sufficient, to enter a part of the title into the search box. Use that word which has the most specific meaning. So don't use common words because they produce too many results. Example: You want 'Schafe können sicher weiden' by JS Bach. Here it is sufficient if you type the word 'Schafe' in the searchbox.

For non-German songs we have left out the special characters (accents) because they are not available on every keyboard. If you search for NicolaePîrvu, just type Pirvu. The accented  î will be replaced with the simple i. Umlauts cannot be replaced with the vowel+'e'. (For example, ö=oe). The only option would be to know the ASCII code, if you have no German keyboard. (Example ä= alt 0228).

Too many search results
It might happen that you obtain to may search hits, for example by searching for Arvinte, you will get more than 50 returns. But you really want to know whether C. Arvinte has arranged a piece, and Cornel Pana was performing. Enter: Arvinte Pana and now you get only 2 results. With some skills and a little bit of trial and error you will familiaraze quickly with our serach engine.

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