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Joeri Murk, Founder DAJOERI Panflute Schools
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His friends, study colleagues and acquaintances smiled at him for now using so much time developing panflutes. (At that time the instrument was virtually unknown and found favor neither in music-schools nor in any other cultural institution.) However, the panflute  fascinatied him so much, that he decided to popularize this forgotten instrument for broad public.

He asked music schools to help him to disseminate the instrument by offering panflute instruction in their program. They rejected his offer with the explanation, that the current popularity is only a fashion trend. For that reason, he addressed the broad public directly, so that they could decide if this instrument should be revived in our area or not.

With countless church-concerts by well-known organists, such as Hermann Hirs, Wolfgang Sieber and Ueli Meldau, broad public interest for the panflute was awakened over the years here in Switzerland and abroad.

His hopes came true. Despite all the predictions from experts, the panflute was welcomed by the public with open arms, fully accepted and loved.

Through his studies he reached knowledge, which he passed along in his leisure time, with initially free of charge instructions for building and playing panflute.


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