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Joeri Murk, Founder DAJOERI Panflute Schools
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After these activities found approval, the demand grew so big that he found himself forced to organize the activities. For that reason he established a company named DAJOERI, which is from rhaeto-romanian and means "from Joeri". As he knew that he would not be able to handle all the tasks of the company himself, he was looking for peoplewho were in agreement with his goals and were willing to take over different functions. It should be a company, whose staff had a common goal "the dissemination of the panflute" and were able to function on its own, which was achieved one day.


His wife Felicitas, who is a professional singer and member of SMPV (official Swiss for Music Education), took over the management of the company and is still today in charge of it. Then he trained his past students to become panflute instructors in order to cover the high demand and he taught them how to instruct. For them he developed a course, which made it possible, to instruct successfully the Panflute School by Gheorge Zamfir. For these course however there was a fee to cover the costs.

As a note, Joeri never gave up his profession as teacher for mentally handicapped children and still pursues it. He still earns a living mainly as a teacher and musician. But his leisure time he devotes to his stated goal, to popularize the panflute in our society, so that this beautiful Instrument will never be forgotten again.

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