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Joeri Murk, Founder DAJOERI Panflute Schools
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In order to realize this dissemination task, he had to count on like-minded people’s help. As his ideas were not subsidized like public music-schools, it was necessary for him to invest considerable finances of his own for training of personnel, research and distribution of the panflute. Only so was it possible, that in the course of time, the DAJOERI panflute was viewed as a first-rate instrument far and wide, and many professional panflute players, such as Zamfir, Syrinx, Pirvu. Luca, Mara, Rizzi and many other well-known artists, from all around the world, were requesting DAJOERI instruments and ordered them built by him.

Over the years he put his pedagogical knowledge into the courses he was offering, therefore making it possible for other panflute instructors to pass on his techniques to other layman in a simple, easily understandable way, so they wouldn’t resign, if this rather complex knowledge would be passed on to them in an incomprehensible way.

As there was no authentic literature available in written form, and the professional trade expecting this, in order to accept the instrument, he searched for and financed Rumanian musicians to write down the folk melodies. These had been passed on only verbally over several centuries, but now they were arranged in a way that these beautiful melodies could be played by us western laymen.

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