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Joeri Murk, Founder DAJOERI Panflute Schools
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For that reason he provided expensive computers and music editing software, to make it possible, to publish these handwritten melodies professionally. All this led to an acceptance by professionals and was now guaranteed to be available in the future for all friends of the panflute.

He specially trained a person to study these computer programs over a longer time period, in order to produce the expected sheet music. This type of music writing was very new and is even today the most sophisticated music editing software available.

In order to study the different types of play techniques; he engaged the best known panflute players (Damian Luca, Nicolae Pîrvu and Simion Stanciu) and studied their techniques by video taping it. This resulted in historical recordings that documented visually the different play techniques. This was done knowing that any time there was an uncertainty regarding a play technique, it would be possible to get back to the visual recordings.

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