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Franz plays the panflute since 1978. He is mainly self-taught without using a teacher. After just 18 months of most intense self-teaching, he dared to perform to the public in a Panflute-Organ Concert. Since the beginning he played many of his own compositions, which were initially strongly oriented to Romanian Folk Music. Gradually he abandoned this inclination. He composed a first piece for flute and strings. The debut of this concert (two sets) took place in 1983. It was performed by his school orchestra and directed by Brenton Langbein. A series of compositions for this ensemble were next.


Finally, in 1990 he recorded a CD that summarized this artistic work. Moreover, he adopted more existing works and transcribed them into panflute scores. This animated many modern composers to write some new pieces for panflute.


  • Ernest Bloch (1880 -1959) Suite modal für Flöte und Streichorchester
  • R. Vaughan Williams (872 - 1958) Six studies in English folksongs (für ein Melodieinstrument und Streichorchester)
  • G. Ph. Telemann (1681 - 1767) Konzert für Oboe d'amore, Strei8cher und Basso continuo
Originalkompositionen, Uraufführungen:
  • Bernard Schulé (1909) Concerto pour flute de pan et cordes (1989) Genf
  • Gion Antoni Derungs (1935) Konzert für Panflöte und Streichorchester (1985) Chur
  • Hans Peter Graf (1954) Sonate für Panflöte und Orgel (1993) Zürich

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