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1950-1953 primary school in Cluj / Transylvania-Romania 

1953-1962 High School of Music in Cluj 
. Graduation: Abitur 

Diploma in piano and percussion 

1963-1966 College of Music "G. Dima "in Cluj 

1966-1972 College of Music "G. Dima "in Cluj 

Degree: state examination / diploma

Professional activity:
1963-1969 in restaurants and nightclubs as a pianist / organist 

1969-1971 tour in Finland, Germany, USA 
 as conductor with the trio "Top 70" on TS Hanseatic Hamburg 

1972-1979 tour in Romania, Yugoslavia, Hungary, the music group "Semnal M" 

1979-1983 concerts, radio and recordings 

12.08.1983 entering the Federal Republic of Germany
December 1983 contact with Joachim Domide and Joeri Murk through my cousin
1984-1988 DAJOERI Pan Flute School in Uster, Switzerland, as a piano accompanist, concerts J. Murk, J. Domide, Staubli Kurt; recordings
Since 1988, singing and music as a piano teacher Fürth
1990-1991 tour with Ivan Rebroff and SHARABAN as a pianist 

1992-1993 MS Europa MS Hanseatic and with Joan M. Ciolacu (violin) 

1998 MS Bremen 

Since 1989, pan flute seminars in Planatsch / Trun as a piano accompanist and co-repetitor
Since 1986, pan flute seminars as instructors in Arosa

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