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Gheorghe Zamfir Panflute Virtuoso

What reads like the biography of a rock star is the story of the most famous pan flutist in the world, Gheorghe Zamfir. An artist, whose name is synonymous with the instrument. The press and the public have anointed him as the “true virtuoso”, as the “maestro” and the “King of the Pan Flute”. Euphorically celebrated as the “Reincarnation of the God Pan”, he has been considered for decades around the world as an icon and already today as a living legend. With Zamfir, music lovers and music critics are in agreement: He is one of the most important representatives of a wind instrument that for a long time played only a minor role in music until Zamfir brought it to the great stages of the world and displayed his multi-faceted magic there.

In the meantime, the famous pan flutist can look back upon 50 years on the stage. For Gheorghe Zamfir, a half century of completely spectacular stations. Since the 1960s, extensive concert tours have lead him with various ensembles and casts around the globe. Whether in North or South America, in China, South Africa or Australia, everywhere he finds an enthusiastic public that learns to appreciate the special character of the pan flute, its unique tonal “language” that absorbs the

sometimes elegiac, sometimes temperamental pastoral tones like a new musical discovery into itself. In the German-speaking world, the concertgoers like to particularly recall his successful programme “Pan Flute and the Organ”, with which Zamfir was to be heard in the 1970s and 1980s in all the great churches and cathedrals of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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