DAJOERI Panflute Schools teachers

  • Lise-Anne Schwander
  • Yolanda Widmer
  • George (Jöri) Murk
  • Umberto Miotti
  • Jörg Frei
  • Claudia De Franco
  • Käthi Kaufmann
  • Margareta Mantschko
  • Sonja Baumgartner
  • Peter Meier
Our teachers are competent and easygoing

Imagine, your teacher is technically competent as well as talented and it is very different than it was when you were taught in school. The knowledge is given understandably and laxly, nobody is pushed, and everybody feels well understood. Exactly this method has been developed by Jöri Murk. As a certified remedial pedagogue he deals for 40 years in this realm of education. He has applied his method and has well tested it in many different situations.

Indeed, the DAJOERI teachers maintain their individual teaching style, however, use likewise the successful principles of Jöri Murk. They know the fears of the students and realize exactly what needs to be done to relax them. The teachers recognize problems and provide the necessary support so that learning is easy and leads to success. With their friendly nature, they gain the confidence of the students and support them on the route to success.

DAJOERI Panflute Teachers

There is much fun in the class but nobody is laughed at or denounced. After each lesson you really feel that you have learned something. The teacher is as much your friend as he is your guide and consults the student in a supportive manner.

Attractive and diversified teaching. Encouraging and animating: This are our guiding keywords and principles. Here you will find a list of our Schools.


Sucess Story of a Student

"I like the easy-going way. Everyone is treated, as he is. I am particularly motivated to practice because of the performances. When I master a new piece and then play in the group, I feel I have achieved a great accomplishment.

It is, as if one belongs to a family. For me, to play the pan flute is more than a pleasant diversion. It also helps me to remain mentally flexible. After each lesson I return home happily.

Since I often practice alone, I appreciate the contact in the group. Here, I always get new ideas. Often, one has to overcome obstacles. But the teachers always know how to encourage students and bring them gradually to the goal."

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