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Jon Micu is originally from Romania but lives currently in the Netherlands. With its voluminous and very charming voice he was appointed for  many years at various acclaimed opera houses. He is also a gifted Taragot musician, especially when it comes to Romanian Folklore.

He is born in the western mautains of Romania. During his childhood he became fascinated in local folk music and the Taragot.

The Taragot is a woodwind instrument, which comes originally from Hungary. It was a double-reed instrument with conical bore and was used as a signal istrument. The blatant similarity with the oriental Shawm also explains the name Turkish Pipe that is still in use.

The modern Taragot has only a reed. It was invented around 1890 by József Vencel Schunda in Budapest. The most common form, the soprano instrument in B# is approximately 74 cm or 29 inches long.

Since the 1920s the instrument is known under the name Taragot or Torogoata and is widespread in Romania. The instrument is mainly used in Romanian folk groups.

After studying at the Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca, he performed as an opera singer in Romania, Italy and Germany, but his heart still yearned for the Taragot.

Jon Micu masters the instrument with high precision and a multitude of emotional expressions. He is a musician in the Romanian ensemble, along with Marius Preda, Julian Jantea and Zoli Kekenj. He joins the DAJOERI Panflute Festival every summer. It's a real pleasure to have him with us!

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