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Julian Janeta Accordeonist

Julian Jantea is of Romanian descent and currently resides in Belgium. He is part of various music groups, playing mainly Romanian folklore. He is a gifted master of his instrument in almost every style, even in Swiss Folk Music and classical music. 

Julian's appearance is determined, funny and serious at the same time. He knows how to position himself as a modest,  harmonious accompanyist in the group as well as to stand in the limelight with self-conscious solo passages . This attitude makes him very likeable and the audience appreciates that to a great extent. 

As an instrument he uses primarily the Italian Dallape Super Maestro from a family that produces excellent accordions since 1976. With 15 stops, it meets all the musical challenges. 12 kg of weight imposes an ergonomic challenge regarding the posture balance of the instrumentalist, especially on prolonged performances.

Julian is part of the Romanian ensemble. Together with Marius Preda, Jon Micu and Zoli Kekenj he participates every year at the DAJOERI Panflute Festival. There, he is also engaged as an co-repetition instructor.

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