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Marius Preda DAJOERI Cymbalon

Marius Preda (1977) comes from a musical family. At four years of age he was given a cymbal by his grandmother, and as a result became fascinated by the sound of this instrument. On his fourteenth birthday Marius was admitted to the Rumanian George Enescu High School. At about the same time he performed in different orchestras, including gypsy orchestras, throughout Rumania.
Two years later, in 1993, Marius was invited to the Netherlands to play with Rumanian Orchestras. In this way he made his first contact with jazz music. In 1995 Marius begun his study with the vibraphone at the jazz department of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. This resulted in the creation of a CD on which the cymbalom is played as a jazz instrument.

In October 1998 he recorded his first CD, and in the 2nd half of 1999 he played together with the Dutch group Flairck. Special recognition deserves the CD The Swinging Cymbalom.

Marius Preda Violon

Marius Preda has chosen his musical project ‘Mission cymbalom’ to promote the cymbal as a real jazz instrument. Marius Preda believes in this mission with full energy and passion.

Original compositions and arrangements by Mission Cymbalom sound differently and can be experienced as a complete new genre in jazzmusic. Mission Cymbalom performs as a trio in theaters and concert halls, at national and international jazz-music festivals and can be easily be the inspiring basis for instrumental and vocal soloists.

Marius Preda is a unique musical example when it comes to expression and musical veratility. Beside the Cymbalon he also is an virtuoso performer of the Violon, Piano, Accordion and Contra-Bass. Every summer, Marius is an active musician at the DAJOERI-Panflutefestival in Arosa.