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Nicolae Pirvu and Orchestra

Born in Seaca de CIMP (Oltenia in Romania). He played the pan flute when he was 14 years old. His teacher was the legendary panflutist Fanica Luca.

In 1956 Pirvu was ready to attend high school. His uncle, Jon Ignat, a teacher of the village Seaca de Camp wanted to go with him to Craiova to get him enrolled at the local school. At the railway station Calafat they met Ignat's school friend Anna Barbu. Jon Ignat told her about the plan that he wants to bring his nephew to the Craiova school. Anna asked Jon Ignat if Nicolae has the same musical talent as him, and if so, he should bring the boy but to the Music Lyceum of Bucharest instead. This shall be much better for the boy, since there, he would have a chance to become a decent musician. Spontaneously, they changed their itinerary and went to Bucharest for the acceptance examination of the Music Lyceum of Bucharest.

One member of the examination panel was Fanica Luca. After Nicolae Pirvu completed his examination in language and history, Fanica Luca stood up. He ordered Nicolae to open his mouth, after he knew that Nicolae descended from Oltenia. (A funny rumor amongst Romanians says that people from Oltenia have more molar teeth than other Romanians.) All panel members started to laugh and applauded Fanica's joke. Then he told Nicole, to appear next day in the classroom.

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