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Performances with marching bands (including De Koninklijke Militaire Kapel) are also among his successes.
 Finally, Nicolae Pirvu is a pan flute professor at the Academy of Art Amsterdam and the Municipal Music School of The Hague. Meanwhile, in Holland several LPs and five CDs have been published in his name. In 1975 Nicolae Pirvu visited Switzerland for the first time with other Romanian virtuosos. They came for a major concert tour in many Swiss towns, organized by Marcel Cellier. This successful tour made him well known in Switzerland and led to many more performances. Later, he was also a guest lecturer and instructor at the DAJOERI Panflute Festival in Arosa.

Luca Students
The Class od the legendary Fanica Luca

Rear row f.l.t.r: Nicolae Pirvu, Gheorghe Zamfir, Mamaia Lica, Dobre Constantin, Fanica Luca. Front Reihe f.l.t.r: Constantin Popescu (below, with dark flute) Radu Constantin (middle, with dark flute).

 Damian Crlanaru is missing. Those were the only pupils that were instructed by Fanica Luca at the Liceum de Musica in Bucharest.)

In the past, Damian Luca (first named: Gheorghe Draghici) instructed together with his uncle Fanica Luca. From him he got his stage name Damian Luca.

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