Objectives and Methods

Course Objectives
We want to revive this forgotten instrument so it regains popularity and its rightful place in our society. We are open for anybody, independent whether he has a musical education or not. He only needs to enjoy music. It is important for us that a student enjoys his skills. We work without pressure. Main attention is put on personal achievements. In our courses the student can relax, get some of his dormat energy activated and pour new life in his environment. He develops good taste for music and learns to play music with dignity.

The course will contribute to compensate the daily stress and to replenish personal energy. The prices for lessons and instruments should not be a burdon for the student.

DAJOERI Instruction Methods

Instructions usually take place in groups without lectures being given. The music instructor addresses each student individually, while the other students observe attentively and are learning from it too. With lots of examples and intensive exercises, individually and in the group, everyone progresses. The student is addressed as a being who can think. Through insightful instruction he gains awareness of what he is doing.

The music should be used as a way to enhance one’s own creativity. The student learns first to to listen to the melody. Then he is advised on how to play it on the pan flute. Thereby he learns to create music in accordance with musical principles, to express himself and to delight others with his performance. By pursuing this task he also enhances and stabilizes his self-esteem.

In the process of learning he encounters his own stuck ideas, recognizes them and gets rid of them. This occurs by the support of the teacher, who observes the student, corrects him without invalidation and then gives him the necessary exercises leading to achieve his goals. That results in a gradually increased joy for learning.

He discovers to express himself by using communication through music. Thereby he experiences his own creativity as well as those of other group members. That enhances the mutual understanding in the group and the individual learning process.

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