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The company DAJOERI AG was founded in 1988. They produce high-quality panflutes for instruction, concert and master panflutes in all different sizes, as well as other accessories for the panflutist.

The DAJOERI AG also incorporates a music-publishing house, which produces exclusively sheet music for panflute playing. Their assortment consists of melodies arranged for one or several voices in different styles of music, such as entertainment, classical, folklore and a big collection of Rumanian folklore melodies accompanied by organ or piano.

Felicitas Murk is the manager of the company. She runs the company since its foundation and sice 1979 she is a member of the Swiss Music Education (SMPV).

DAJOERI Panflutes and Publishing House

Jörg Frei manages the panflute construction division. He is an educated organ builder but is in the panflute crafting business for more than 25 years.

Joeri Murk is the manager of the music publishing house. She is very knowledgeable in regards to our sheet music, albums, CDs, DVD's and accessories.

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