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Studies and sheet music for: 
 - panflute and piano 
 - panflute and guitar 
 - solo pieces for the panflute

Sheet Music and Scores: 

"Serenata" for panflute and piano 

(Allegra-Siciliano-tambourine-impression conversation Gigue Pantique)
 distributed in Muscal-Verlag, Ulrich Herkenhoff 

"Fespanola" for panpipe Choir
Attributed to 50th Birthday of Joeri Murk and first performed on March 13th, 1994 in the Prediger-Church of Zurich/ Switzerland. There were 250 panflute players of the DAJOERI panflute-school, the Lichtenstein panflute choir, organ, percussion and a rhythm section. P. Rizzi dedicated this composition to the birthday boy Joeri Murk, acknowledging his persevering efforts for the panflute par excellence.

10-Minuten Training: An extended guide on how to play the Panflute with short excercises. Content: Body position, breathing, motion, intonation, ties, vibrato and much more. The Divertimento Trilogy are own Peder Rizzi compositions in the classical style. It comprises 3 albums with different degrees of difficulty.
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