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Also visit our Webshop.arious productions, music and playbacks CDs released at the DAJOERI-Verlag, Wildenbühlstrasse 53, CH-8145 Langnau a / A, Switzerland
Tel: + +41 1 713 36 06, Fax: + +41 1 713 36 33.  

Commitment to the pan flute:
Peder Rizzi is committed to the promotion of pan flute training, especially for the professional education. He is a founding member of the Commission "Pan Flute Switzerland" SMPV (Swiss Music Pedagogic Association). Since 1998, the pan flute is recognized in Switzerland as formal instrument that can be studied in Musical Academies by degree seeking students. The first graduate in Panflute was Nicole Andris. Principal teacher: Peder Rizzi / Simion Stanciu. She received a diploma with special recognition.

Peder Rizzi Pan Flute Artist

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