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Peder Rizzi Panflute

1956 born in Scuol/ Switzerland where he grew up.
1977 attended the Teacher's Academy in Chur.
1979 started his study in music at the Music Academy (Conservatorium) Zürich.
1982 completed his musical education and majored attaining the Clarinet Diploma and the first prize for music education.

Concerts as a soloist in various occupations. Wide range of music styles. -Guest performances and TV appearances in various European countries 
 - concerts in the U.S. and four tours in Japan.


Contact: P. Rizzi, Laettenweg 2, CH-8336 Hittnau/ Switzerland, Phone: + +41 1 950 05 80 
 Armuzz Agency: Phone: + +41 52 383 20 55: Fax: + +41 52 383 28 42, | This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Teaching at the Music Academy (Conservatory) in Zurich. Training of professional students majoring in Pan Flute as well as teaching of amateurs. - Summer courses in Arosa 
 - Seminars at Planatsch/ Switzerland for the DAJOERI panflute school.


Studies and sheet music for: 
 - panflute and piano 
 - panflute and guitar 
 - solo pieces for the panflute

Sheet Music and Scores: 

"Serenata" for panflute and piano 

(Allegra-Siciliano-tambourine-impression conversation Gigue Pantique)
 distributed in Muscal-Verlag, Ulrich Herkenhoff 

"Fespanola" for panpipe Choir
Attributed to 50th Birthday of Joeri Murk and first performed on March 13th, 1994 in the Prediger-Church of Zurich/ Switzerland. There were 250 panflute players of the DAJOERI panflute-school, the Lichtenstein panflute choir, organ, percussion and a rhythm section. P. Rizzi dedicated this composition to the birthday boy Joeri Murk, acknowledging his persevering efforts for the panflute par excellence.

10-Minuten Training: An extended guide on how to play the Panflute with short excercises. Content: Body position, breathing, motion, intonation, ties, vibrato and much more. The Divertimento Trilogy are own Peder Rizzi compositions in the classical style. It comprises 3 albums with different degrees of difficulty.


Also visit our Webshop.arious productions, music and playbacks CDs released at the DAJOERI-Verlag, Wildenbühlstrasse 53, CH-8145 Langnau a / A, Switzerland
Tel: + +41 1 713 36 06, Fax: + +41 1 713 36 33.  

Commitment to the pan flute:
Peder Rizzi is committed to the promotion of pan flute training, especially for the professional education. He is a founding member of the Commission "Pan Flute Switzerland" SMPV (Swiss Music Pedagogic Association). Since 1998, the pan flute is recognized in Switzerland as formal instrument that can be studied in Musical Academies by degree seeking students. The first graduate in Panflute was Nicole Andris. Principal teacher: Peder Rizzi / Simion Stanciu. She received a diploma with special recognition.

Peder Rizzi Pan Flute Artist