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The Panflutist Petruta Küpper (28) from Osnabrück was early one of the top candidates of the RTL TV show "The Super Talent". As one of 36,500 applicants the pretty Romanian native went on to race. With her masterful panflute performances (at the casting in October 2009, she played "Lonely Shepherd" by James Last, at the semi-final in early December she starred with Morricone's classic "Once Upon a Time in the West"), she finally made it to the final, together with eleven other candidates. There she was beaten by the artistic dog show Yvo Antoni & Prima Donna and the opera singer Vanessa Calcagno and finally was confirmed in the third place. Nevertheless, a likable musician's dream came true. On January 15th, an album was released with her music, produced by Sony Music Label, Columbia Germany. The longplayer carries the title "Pan-Dreams". It also contains a Duet with the last year Super Talent winner Michael Hirte.

Petruta Küpper grew up in Sibiu, Romania with her four siblings in a family of a single mother. Money was tight, but the promotion of artistic talents of her children (sister, Lorena, 22, plays violin and sings) had first priority. Petruta understood early on that she was able to contribute with her exceptional musical talent to support the desperately needed family income. "I have no words to describe how much Petruta has done for our family," says her mother. She lives in Sibiu with her oldest but handicapped daughter Elena who requires round-the-clock care.

Petruta Küpper discovered her passion for music with fourteen years, and she played oboe before she switched to the pan flute. "Pan Flute sounds woke us up every morning" says her mother, "Petruta was very hardworking." "I love my pan flute," says Petruta. "Without music I can't live. When I was sad, I simply played ". Without hard work, discipline and endurance it is difficult to master an instrument like the pan flute. Petruta practices about six hours a day. That also includes breathing exercises and the constant working on the basics.

Kuepper got a musical education at the highest quality level in her home country. She also studied music at the National University of Bucharest with Gheorghe Zamfir, one of the most famous musicians in the world of panpipes. Additionally she attended lectures at the Lucian Blaga University in her home town of Sibiu (European Capital of Culture in 2007) in Sociology and Anthropology. She completed both courses 2005 with a diploma. Then at first worked as a music teacher (primary school, secondary school and high school) and choir director. After that she completed several concert tours that lead her to Bulgaria, Italy, Germany and for three months in the U.S. She also learned English and Italian. In 2007 she attended a Master Class with Gheorghe Zamfir and jointly performed with him on a Romanian television show. Küpper speaks fluent German. She leraned it in record time - the language she has learned specifically for her participation in "The Super Talent 2009".

Petruta Küpper lives with her husband and her daughter Jessica (2) in Lower Saxony, Osnabrück. Petruta attended the DAJOERI Pan Flute Festival 2010 in Arosa as an instructor and will be with us on future events.