Photo Archive

The following photo albums are from our old site and will cover reminiscences of the past. The presentation of each series is different because they were created in different periods.

Foto-Gallery 2002 Arosa-Seminar, Summer-Tune, Fall Seminar, 250 Pan Flutes
Foto-Gallery 2003-1 Frankfurt Music Fair, Seminar Karlsruhe, CD-Studio, Open Day
Foto-Gallery 2003-2 Grill-Party, Arosa-Seminar I und II, Summer end
Foto-Gallery 2003-3 Fall Seminar, Speyer Seminar, Christmas Exhibition
Foto-Gallery 2004-1 Open Day, Spring-Seminar, Seminar Karlsruhe, Grill-Party
Foto-Gallery 2004-2 Arosa Panflute-Festival, Summer end
Foto-Gallery 2005-1 Concert week Korea, Zurich Cathedral Concert
Foto-Gallery 2005-2 Arosa-Seminar 2005
Foto-Gallery 2005-3 Fall-Seminar Planatsch 2005
Foto-Gallery 2006-1 Music Fair Frankfurt, Open Day, Fall Seminar Planatsch
Foto-Gallery 2006-2 Arosa Panflute-Festival 2006
Foto-Gallery 2006-3 Fall Seminar Planatsch
Foto-Album 2007-1 Music Fair Frankfurt
Foto-Album 2007-2 Fall-Seminar
Foto-Album 2007-3 Arosa Panflute-Festival 2007
Foto-Album 2007-4 Charity Concert Zurich Railway Station featuring 450 Panflutes
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