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In 2007, Nechifor gathered a wonderful collection of folkloric songs from all around Romania, and recorded them in his debut album, «Esenţă de nai» (Panflute Essence). Nechifor is also a Romanian delegate to the European Youth Parliament (EYP). The EYP is an informal body of young people that discuss all problems relevant to today's society, from political to environmental issues, and propose legislative solutions. Occasionally, these proposals are discussed in the European Parliament and become law. In early 2010, Nechifor was invited and accepted to be president of an EYP session.

Radu Nechifor in Concert

Nechifor learned the art and science of manufacturing pan flutes from the greatest pan flute builder, Joeri Murk. In late 2008, he opened his own panflute work shop which he built with his own hands next to his home, and now pursues his passion for pan flute building alongside his passion for playing.

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