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For using search terms we have two input boxes.


The first one (search) appears on the upper right corner of every page. We call this the general search box.

If you enter our SHOP you will find another search input box in the right column, called Product Search.

Both boxes have different functions and data content.

Depending on the case, use one or the other search box.

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This web site has a powerful search engine. Indeed, we have attempted to build a menu structure that is clearly laid out so you can easily find a requested item. Be aware though that this site contains over 1200 individual pages. This is why you sometimes need more time than expected to find a specific content. The search engine offers a practical tool, allowing you to find a search object in a matter of seconds.

It is important that the details and workings of this search engine are correctly understood . Only then you will to get the most out of it.

Search Boxes

Use the general search box for quick search of a text content or a product. This search box offers the possibility to restrict the search, as you will see below. The general search box includes the following areas: texts in the main text body (left and right text boxes excluded), catalogs, userforum, links and calendar. The product search box is intended solely for the shop and serves for finding a product. This search offers a higher probablity to find the right item. Example: You want to find all scores which include the 'Ave Maria' by Bach / Gounod. Search with 'Bach Gounod' and you get 3 hits.

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