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For using search terms we have two input boxes.


The first one (search) appears on the upper right corner of every page. We call this the general search box.

If you enter our SHOP you will find another search input box in the right column, called Product Search.

Both boxes have different functions and data content.

Depending on the case, use one or the other search box.

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Flipping Book -> Only content on the catalog pages

Forum -> Only searches in DAJOERI Forum
Reviews -> only text in the main body without text in right or left side bar, without Flipping Book, without forum, without links, without contacts and calendar.
Webkinks -> only link entries on our website
Contacts -> Only entries on the contact page
Categories, Sections, News Feeds -> not currently in operation
Event Calendar -> search limited only to the calendar


Search example E: All events in Olten. Check Event Calendar and enter Olten.
Search example F: You want to search for the exact phrase 'Fanica Luca', but only in the general text pages (not in the music collection). Check Exact Phrase and Articles and enter 'Fanica Luca' as a search term.

In both search fields you can enter the four digit number. This will give you the product in one shot. For numbers less than 1000, please enter the zeros: eg. 0066 or 0123rd

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