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This web site has a powerful search engine. Indeed, we have attempted to build a menu structure that is clearly laid out so you can easily find a requested item. Be aware though that this site contains over 1200 individual pages. This is why you sometimes need more time than expected to find a specific content. The search engine offers a practical tool, allowing you to find a search object in a matter of seconds.

It is important that the details and workings of this search engine are correctly understood . Only then you will to get the most out of it.

Search Boxes

Use the general search box for quick search of a text content or a product. This search box offers the possibility to restrict the search, as you will see below. The general search box includes the following areas: texts in the main text body (left and right text boxes excluded), catalogs, userforum, links and calendar. The product search box is intended solely for the shop and serves for finding a product. This search offers a higher probablity to find the right item. Example: You want to find all scores which include the 'Ave Maria' by Bach / Gounod. Search with 'Bach Gounod' and you get 3 hits.


When searching, you are most successful when one can specifically aim at an object. One could also say to use a filter that only retains certain search items. We have used project-specific abbreviations.

1 = easy playing (affects pan flute voice, not accompaniment score)
2 = medium playing (affects pan flute voice, not accompaniment score)
3 = difficult playing (affects pan flute voice, not accompaniment score)

The difficulty levels are combined with the following abbreviations:

EA = single edition
MSEA = single edition with multiple voices, usually 2 or 4
AL = Albums
FV = Sheet music from non-DAJOERI publishers

Search Example A: To find all 'easy' albums. Type: AL1
Search Example B: You want to find all difficult single editions having multiple voices: Type: MSEA3
Search Example C: You want to find all easy single editions, that include JS Bach: Type: EA1 Bach
Search Example D: You want to find all easy single editions in C major. Type: EA1 C-Dur

Restricted Search

This method is only possible in the general search box. This is what you need to do: enter a search term or a space in the general search box -> Press the Enter/ Return key on your keyboard. A new web page will show up that offers some additional filtering. The first three options are applicable when one uses a serach string with more than one word. e.g. -> Fanica Luca

All words -> This corresponds to the logical operator "and", that means those objects that contain both terms simultaneously are affected.
Each word -> This corresponds to the logical operator "or", that means those items that contain either one or the other term are affected.
Exact phrase -> Your input is considered as one unit. Only when this occurs as such in the text, a search result is generated.

The remaining filter options are related to different components on our web site. If you wish, you can simultaneously check multiple components. In this case the the return will contain more items.

Flipping Book -> Only content on the catalog pages

Forum -> Only searches in DAJOERI Forum
Reviews -> only text in the main body without text in right or left side bar, without Flipping Book, without forum, without links, without contacts and calendar.
Webkinks -> only link entries on our website
Contacts -> Only entries on the contact page
Categories, Sections, News Feeds -> not currently in operation
Event Calendar -> search limited only to the calendar


Search example E: All events in Olten. Check Event Calendar and enter Olten.
Search example F: You want to search for the exact phrase 'Fanica Luca', but only in the general text pages (not in the music collection). Check Exact Phrase and Articles and enter 'Fanica Luca' as a search term.

In both search fields you can enter the four digit number. This will give you the product in one shot. For numbers less than 1000, please enter the zeros: eg. 0066 or 0123rd

Title Search
If you are looking for a specific music track, it is usually sufficient, to enter a part of the title into the search box. Use that word which has the most specific meaning. So don't use common words because they produce too many results. Example: You want 'Schafe können sicher weiden' by JS Bach. Here it is sufficient if you type the word 'Schafe' in the searchbox.

For non-German songs we have left out the special characters (accents) because they are not available on every keyboard. If you search for NicolaePîrvu, just type Pirvu. The accented  î will be replaced with the simple i. Umlauts cannot be replaced with the vowel+'e'. (For example, ö=oe). The only option would be to know the ASCII code, if you have no German keyboard. (Example ä= alt 0228).

Too many search results
It might happen that you obtain to may search hits, for example by searching for Arvinte, you will get more than 50 returns. But you really want to know whether C. Arvinte has arranged a piece, and Cornel Pana was performing. Enter: Arvinte Pana and now you get only 2 results. With some skills and a little bit of trial and error you will familiaraze quickly with our serach engine.