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Classical Repertoire, Part 4
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Classical Repertoire, Part 4

Price per Unit (piece): CHF 24.00


ALLEGRETTO GRAZIOSO Ph. de Lavigne (from Sonata "La Persane")
ALLEMANDA A. Corelli (from Sonata in A minor)
ALLEGRO D. Bigaglia (from Sonata in A minor)
VIVACE Fr. Geminiani (from Sonata in E minor)
TRUMPET VOLUNTARY H. Purcell - J. Clarke 6
BOURREE J.S. Bach (from Suite no.2 in B minor)
MOMENT MUSICAL (Op.94, no.3) Fr. Schubert
REJOICING G.Fr. Händel (from "Fireworks Music")
POLONAISE J.S. Bach (from Suite no.2 in B minor)
ALLEGRO GIOCOSO Ph. de Lavigne (from Sonata "La Persane")
OUVERTURE J.S. Bach (from Suite no.2 in B minor)
IN THE HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING E. Grieg (from "Peer Gynt")
ALLA HORNPIPE G.Fr. Händel (from "Water Music")
SERENADE J. Haydn (from String Quartet no.17 in F major)
AVE MARIA Fr. Schubert
RONDEAU J.S. Bach (from Suite no.2 in B minor)
MINUET IN G L. van Beethoven
SLAVONIC DANCE (Op.46, no.4) A. Dvorák
SOLVEJG'S SONG E. Grieg (from "Peer Gynt")
SINFONIA J.S.Bach (from Cantata no.156)
ALLEGRETTO Joh. Brahms (from Symphony no.3)
ROMANCE W.A. Mozart (from "Eine kleine Nachtmusik")

Arr.: C. Puscoiu
Schwierigkeitsgrad: mittel FV2

BN 1214

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