Expanded Offers

Beside numerous DAJOERI publications we also offer sheet music from other publishers. These can be applied for pan flutes or other C instruments. The occurring abbreviations are defined as follows:

BN = Order Number
Pfl = Panpipes (Panfloeten)
Pno = Piano
Org = Organ
QFL = Flute (traverse flute)
Bfl = recorder (Blockfloete)
Ges = Vocal (Gesang)
FV = Foreign publisher
Level of Difficulty (SG) 1=easy, 2=intermediate, 3=difficult

Publishing by Silvestra

BN Title SG  
1336 The last rose of summer - Irish Music, Silvestra (2 Pfl) FV1 yellow_buy
1341 Partita in e-moll, Telemann (Silvestra) FV2 yellow_buy
1342 Come again - Renaissance Music (Silvestra) FV2 yellow_buy
1343 Swing low, sweet chariot - Gospels, Silvestra (2 Pfl) FV1 yellow_buy
1344 Tom Dooley - American Tunes, Silvestra (3 Pfl) FV1 yellow_buy
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