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A visit to our Atelier
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It is possible to individually intone (scale and voice) each instrument based on personal taste, which means an individual trimming of the tone. 

Different Models
Normally a panflute is built with low sounds on the right, ascending to the left. However it is possible by special request, to build an instrument starting with the low sounds on the left.

DAJOERI Panflute Embouchure

Treatment and Cleaning
The instruments are impregnated, so that the use of oil is unnecessary. Due to a special dual-component varnish the instrument is protected from sweat. On special request, we can also deliver instruments unvarnished or mat. The inside of the tubes have to be cleaned two to three times a year. We use a 1/2 inch by 8 inches cotton stripe which will be winded around a tuning rod. We use warm water or a 60% alcohol solution.

Repairs and Adjustments
In our atelier we repair any defect flutes at once or perform any necessary revisions. It would also be possible to individually adjust the mouth-piece to the blow techniques of the musician. However that would necessitate for the musician to personally visit our atelier. By observing his blow technique we can manufacture the suitable mouth-piece.

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