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Zoli Kekenj Double Bass Zoli Kekenj plays the double bass, the lowest pitch and largest string instrument. Whether he 'passes the strings with the bow' or 'plucks them', he always manages to provide a good foundation in the ensemble. Although he participates more in the background, once in a while he is not shy to take spectacular solo interludes.

Few know that Zoli is also an excellent Balalaika player. The Russian pluck instrument with only 3 strings and the triangular body, can be of excellent use for Romanian Folklore.

Also largely unknown is the fact that Zoli is a gifted instrument maker himself. Recently, he was in Planatsch and took some wood pieces of a fir tree to build the top of a violine. Next year he wants to take away from Planatsch even a whole table top to build a new double bass.

Zoli, a Romanian expatriate, lives in Brussels. He is the bass player of the Romanian ensemble, along with Marius Preda, Julian Jantea and Jon Micu. In this ensemble he performs every year at the DAJOERI Panflute Festival.

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